Church of Notre-Dame de la Gorge

The lovely church of Notre-Dame de la Gorge, mark the end of the road and the start of the mountain

The church of Notre Dame de la Gorge, white and bright with its painted façade, marks the end of the road and start of the trails and mountain paths.

The church was rebuilt in 1699 by Jean de Vougniaz, a stone mason  who had recently completed the reconstruction of the church in Saint-Gervais. From the 13th century to the early 19th century, Notre Dame de la Gorge was the local parish church for the residents of the valley. It was also a spiritual sanctuary home to the Marian cult. Every year, for time immemorial, the pilgrimage on 15th August drains the faithful in crowds.

Finally, Notre-Dame de la Gorge is a place of prayer associated with the passing of the Col du Bonhomme mountain pass. Many travelers have crossed the threshold of the church to pray for a safe journey.