The Nature Reserve

Welcome to the highest nature reserve in France, the only protected area in the Mont-Blanc range.

A protected area from the forest to the glaciers

 The only  protected area in the  Mont-Blanc range since 1979, the Nature Reserve is located in   Les Contamines-Montjoie.

This 5,500 acre reserve, of extreme ecological variety, stretches from 1,100 m (at the gates of the village) to 3,892 m altitude (l’Aiguille Nord –Tré la Tête). The highest nature reserve in France, it boasts a wide range of natural environments and  2,800m difference in altitude. 

Discover the Nature Reserve

Nestled in the heart of the Mont-Blanc range, the highest nature reserve in France promises a variety of snow-covered landscapes. From forests to windswept summits, this protected area takes on a different dimension in the winter months.

Enjoy the generous snow-conditions and  the silence of winter; on foot, snowshoes or ski touring skis.

Be aware that you are entering a nature reserve. During the winter months, wildlife is more vulnerable and disturbance is tiring for the animals.

 During your walks, please respect their peace and adopt the recommendations indicated at the start of each trail. 

Management of the Reserve

 The nature reserve is managed by the conservation group Asters. It has 3 major missions: the protection of  the natural environment,   scientific studies  and environmental awareness.

Participate in the conservation of the site by following the rules and regulations.

Nature Information Centre

The Nature Information Centre is dedicated to the Nature Reserve. On site: artistic and scientific photographic exhibitions, films, debates and games. Come and discover the mysteries and hidden treasures of the Nature Reserve here.

Open during school holidays:  Monday to Sunday from 9: 00 to 12: 00 and 15: 00 to 19: 00.

Free entry