The Oratories and The Holy Chapel


Discover a set of fourteen small oratories dotted along the road that leads to the church in Notre Dame de la Gorge.

They were commissioned in 1728 by the parish priest, Father Gaillard,  to give  more importance to the  Marian cult already present here.  Five "joyful mysteries", five "sorrowful mysteries" and five "glorious mysteries” mark the stages of the life of the Virgin Mary.


Two hundred metres upstream from the Church of Notre Dame de La Gorge,  a small  chapel is attached to the flank of the rock wall. The original primitive construction stood directly above the chapel you see today. 

It is believed that the first hermit to live in Notre Dame de La Gorge chose this site for his Hermitage. From the middle ages, the Holy Chapel was a very popular pilgrimage for the inhabitants of the region. Today, on 15th August (feast of the Assumption)  and on 8th September (birthday of Our Lady),  a procession leads the faithful from the church of Notre Dame de la Gorge towards the Holy Chapel.