Coline Mattel

Bronze medalist at the Sochi Olympic Games

"I  met Coline at the local ice rink when she was very young. Her father took her and her sister Anaïs there. Back then she headed at full speed across the ice, jumping up and down whilst the other girls her age were sliding gracefully and cautiously. I true tomboy, she couldn’t stay in one place! She must have inherited her energy from  her  parents who, every summer, moved up the mountain to manage a refuge hut.

Years later, I wasn’t surprised to learn that she was engaged in ski jumping, a sport that wasn’t popular amongst local girls but that suited her well. We met up again to work together on her correspondence course, especially the Latin and Greek, two subjects not easy to study alone. This time, I discovered a different Coline: caring, intelligent, full of bounce, bright eyes and a sharp tongue sometimes. She wasn’t always easy to deal with when  something annoyed her!"

We sometimes ran into each other in spring or summer, at the mountain refuge run by her family. When the place was busy, Coline often served dinner. At the end of the meal, she made sure that the tourists cleared the tables! Up there, beneath the Bérangère, Coline especially loved the snow and the beauty of the mountains.

Good luck, Coline, in ski jumping and in life. »

Hubert Bessat, aka Zub